Liverpool City Green Infrastructure Strategy

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Liverpool City Green Infrastructure Strategy

Green infrastructure has been defined in North West England as the region's life support system – the network of natural environmental components and green and blue spaces that lie within and between our cities, towns and villages and provide multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.


The Mersey Forest has been commissioned by Liverpool City Council Planning Business Unit and Liverpool Primary Care Trust to produce a Green Infrastructure Strategy for the City of Liverpool.


The Liverpool Green Infrastructure Strategy consists of four main elements:


  • A promotional leaflet - to gain support for and involvement, in the delivery of the strategy
  • An executive summary - written in non-technical language to summarise the approach and identify the benefits with conclusions and recommendations for taking the work forward
  • An action plan - the key actions as agreed with the stakeholders and the commissioning organisations
  • A technical document - the full evidence base using the five step approach taken to develop the strategy. 

As a part of the technical document this online database is a stand alone appendix which contains a review of all relevant national, regional, sub-regional and local policy. The database contains an overview of each document, showing the key messages and how these relate to green infrastructure; it also draws an overall conclusion of how supportive each document is of green infrastructure interventions.


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