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Green Infrastructure for the West Midlands Region: Technical Mapping Paper (TEP for WMRA, 2007)
This technical paper is presented as a guide to the spatial mapping and assessment of GI needs and opportunities. It accompanies the West Midlands Green Infrastructure Prospectus. The paper outlines a systematic guide to the assessment of GI in relation to standards of provision and the potential to deliver wider social, economic and environmental gains; supported by pilot studies from the West Midlands.
Green Infrastructure - A Prospectus for the West Midlands Region (West Midlands Regional Assembly)
The prospectus for the West Midlands aims to: raise awareness of the vital roles of GI; advocate greater investment improved management of GI; embed GI as an essential element of sustainable communities, growth and regeneration; promote a robust and systematic approach to GI assessment, planning and investment; ensure GI is proactively planned.
The Countryside In and Around Towns: The Green Infrastructure of Yorkshire and Humber (Countryside Agency, 2006)
This report on the green infrastructure of the Yorkshire and Humber region, pays particular attention to the countryside in and around towns. It results from a two-pronged study which mapped selected green infrastructure assets of the region and explored the policies and mechanisms that determine how green infrastructure is recorded, protected or enhanced. A more detailed look at some case study areas is taken. This allowed a more detailed application of the mapping techniques and an exploration of opportunities for green infrastructure enhancements on the ground. Recommendations about how to take these techniques and ideas forward are made.
North East Green Infrastructure Planning Guide - version 1.1 (Davies et al, 2006)
The North East Green Infrastructure Planning guide was produced by the North East Community Forests, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumbria University using stakeholder involvement and action research principles. The guide is intended to assist planners and allied professionals undertake Green Infrastructure Planning at the local level and has within it a planning support system which can be accessed through an enquiry form.
Green Infrastructure for the East Midlands - a Public Benefit Mapping Project (EMRA, 2006)
The purpose of this study was to identify whether the Public Benefit Recording System (PBRS) technique could be applied to the East Midlands region to identify where the greatest public benefit could be derived from investments in Green Infrastructure (GI).
East Midlands Green Infrastructure Scoping Study (TEP, IBIS Environment and Design Consultancy & Alison Millward Associates for EMRA, 2005)
The first green infrastructure scoping study prepared on a regional basis in the UK. Comprising: discussion of the foundations of a green infrastructure network, the strategic fit of green infrastructure at national and regional levels, the form and function of existing green infrastructure resources, overcoming delivery impediments and key recommendations for the future.
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