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North West Region
Green Infrastructure Think Tank slides July 2013
Update from GI PhDs – Gemma Jerome, Alex Whitehouse; Cultural Ecosystem Services – John Rodwell; GI and Aesthetics – Mike Vout; Total Environment and Knowledge Transfer Partnership with WaterCo – Karen Potter
NW Partnerships Briefing Report (February 2013)
A briefing on the partnerships working in North West England on environmental issues, and their roles and scope.
Wales and North West England Green Infrastructure Forum slides 31st October 2012
Presentations from Martin Moss (Natural England), Pete Frost (Countryside Council for Wales), Jane Staley (Groundwork Cheshire), Ste James (Flintshire Council), Sarah Dewar (Liverpool Primary Care Trust), Ian Parkinson (Parkinson Inc), Iain Taylor (Peel Group) and Paul Nolan (The Mersey Forest)
Green Infrastructure vs Climate Change: Resources & Information (2011)
This flyer summarises the resources and information now available (from to help organisations, professionals and communities across Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside plan, design and manage their green infrastructure in order to combat climate change.
Green Infrastructure Toolkit
This helps developers to determine their 'Green Infrastructure Score' and interventions to maximise benefits, as part of the NWDA's Sustainability Policy for the Built Environment.
Green Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change: A Framework for Action in Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside (CFNW, 2011)
This is a guidance document to be used by stakeholders to influence and provide evidence for policy and delivery on this crucial and long term agenda. It success depends on all stakeholders taking ownership of and working in partnership to champion, tailor for their needs, embed into policy, and deliver the actions that are relevant to them.
NW Green Infrastructure Forum slides 30th September 2010
Including brief updates from each of the sub-regions, the GI valuation toolbox - what is it, how does it work and step by step guide, GI to combat climate change - a consultation draft action plan for the NW, North West Adaptation Framework
Natural Economy North West Investment Forum maps (September 2010)
Maps for each of the sub-regions showing health deprivation and disability, health target areas, GP surgeries, partner assets, health programmes, and opportunity areas.
Green Infrastructure and Hydrology Report
This is the report of a short project, as part of action 4.3 of the NW Climate Change Action Plan, looking at green infrastructure and hydrology in a changing climate.
Green Infrastructure Solutions to Pinch Point Issues in Northwest England Executive Summary
An extension of the green infrastructure to pinch point issues in the Northwest document.
Green Infrastructure Solutions to Pinch Point Issues in Northwest England
An extension of the critical climate change functions of green infrastructure for sustainable economic development in the Northwest document to include all of the functions of green infrastructure that can cause 'pinch' on investment, not just those related to climate change.
Green Infrastructure: How & Where can it Help the Northwest Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change? (June, 2010)
This report explains how green infrastructure can help us to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The report contains, for the Northwest of England, regional, sub-regional and local scale mapping which highlights where the various green infrastructure services are considered most important within the region. An attempt is made in the report to target where action is needed most, firstly by targeting action where the service is considered most important, secondly by targeting action where the most number of services are considered important, thirdly by targeting action where prioritised services are considered important and finally be targeting where change or investment is taking place.
Green Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change - Part of the NW Climate Change Action Plan & GRaBS project
This flier provides an overview of the work being carried out by Community Forests Northwest, as part of the Northwest Climate Change Action Plan and the GRaBS project.
Green Infrastructure Prospectus (Natural Economy Northwest, January 2010)
A prospectus for green infrastructure - underpinning the sustainable development of Northwest England.
North West Green Infrastructure Forum 17th September 2009 - slides and workshop notes
Including brief updates from each of the sub-regions, a round-up of emerging policy and guidance at national level, a review of the work and legacy of Natural Economy North West, and thoughts on a GI prospectus to feed into Regional Strategy 2010.
Putting the green in the grey (2009)
A guide to creating sustainable grey infrastructure for developers, planners and project managers, commissioned by Natural Economy North West.
How to Deliver, Measure and Demonstrate the Economic Contribution of the Natural Environment at a Project Level (2009)
A guide for project managers, commissioned by Natural Economy North West.
A Green Infrastructure Mapping Method (updated version October 2009)
Please note that this version of the method has since been superseded.
For a more up-to-date version, please refer to the Liverpool Green Infrastructure Strategy.

A mapping method developed by the North West Green Infrastructure Unit for use within the methodological framework described in the North West Green Infrastructure Guide. For use primarily by GIS practitioners.
Green Infrastructure and Hydrology Seminar (May 2009)
Speaker slides from a seminar hosted on 5th May 2009 at Risley Moss, looking into green infrastructure and hydrology in a changing climate.
The Economic Value of Green Infrastructure (Natural Economy North West, 2008)
Presents the eleven economic benefits of green infrastructure model
North West Green Infrastructure Guide (version 1.1, 2008)
This is the final version of the NW GI Guide, prepared by the NW GI Think Tank. It has been prepared to support the GI policy (EM3) in the NW Regional Spatial Strategy. It provides more detailed information on the concept of GI and initial guidance on producing a GI Plan. The guide is particularly relevant to those involved in producing Local Development Frameworks as this will be a crucial delivery mechanism for any GI plans. Additional technical and practical information will be posted on this website as it is developed. The guide was developed through consultations in July 2006 and August 2007.
Rising to the Challenge - A Climate Change Action Plan for England's Northwest 2007-09 (NWDA et al., Nov 2006)
This action plan sets out a vision for the region and outlines the associated outcomes to be achieved by 2020. It details actions for the next 3 years including to "undertake scoping studies to assess future regional risks, opportunities and priorities for the potential of green infrastructure, including regional parks, to adapt and mitigate for climate change impacts and commence implementation of findings".
Northwest Regional Economic Strategy (NWDA, 2006)
The RES sets out the 20 year economic strategy for the Northwest, together with the specific actions required in the next 3 years. It sets a framework for regional, as well as sub-regional and local action. It includes 'transformational' action 113 to "develop the economic benefit of the region’s natural environment through better alignment of environmental activities and economic gain" with the reason given that this is "a key under-exploited economic resource for the region and part of our quality of life. It is important to nurture the natural resources of the region and to develop a strategy for green infrastructure and transport corridors".
The North West Plan - Submitted Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the North West Of England (NWRA, Jan 2006)
The RSS for NW England includes policy EM3 on 'Green infrastructure'. It states that "Plans, strategies, proposals and schemes should: identify, promote and deliver multi-purpose networks of greenspace, particularly where there is currently limited access to natural greenspace or where connectivity between these places is poor; and integrate Green Infrastructure provision within existing and new development, particularly within major development and regeneration schemes". GI also features in a number of other policies: RDF1 on 'Main development locations', WF4 on 'Release of allocated employment land', EM1 on 'Integrated land management', and EM2 on 'Remediating contaminated land'.
Critical Climate Change Functions of Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Economic Development in the North West (CFNW, 2008)
This report was written to inform the development of the then forthcoming Regional Strategy 2010. It was later developed through the 'pinch point' study and through further climate change work held at
Exploring Aspects Of Silviculture In The Mersey Forest Area In North West England
This report was produced Nick Roche for The Mersey Forest and looks at the range of issues within current silvicultural practice, the possibilities and limitations of current silviculture, availability of information on new techniques from across the area and trans-national partnership.
Launch of consultation on the North West Green Infrastructure Guide (July 2006)
Speaker slides for a seminar held at Mellor, 10th July 2006. The seminar was chaired by Professor John Handley (CURE, University of Manchester). Speakers included Jon Lovell (NWRA), Colin Maddison (The Countryside Agency), Brenda Fullard (GONW), Francis Hesketh (TEP), Dr Alan Barber (University of Manchester), Tom Ferguson (St Helens Council), Richard Tracey (NWDA).
Advancing the Delivery of Green Infrastructure – Targeting Issues in England’s Northwest (Community Forests NW & TEP, 2005)
Within the Northwest a pressing need exists for organisations to work together as a ‘united coalition’ to develop planning and delivery of green infrastructure. This paper provides an overview of key issues facing the region; funding impediments, organisational cultures, policy frameworks, strategic opportunities and delivery mechanisms.
Green Infrastructure Planning in the North West (Jan 2005)
Speaker slides for a seminar held at St Helens, 20th January 2005. The seminar was chaired by Dr Philip James (University of Salford). Speakers included Tim Hill (NWRA), John Thompson (Environment Agency), Tim Wyatt (GONW), Keith Jones (Forestry Commission for the North West), Dr Ian Paterson (English Nature), Paul Nolan (The Mersey Forest).
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