Green Infrastructure Valuation Toolkit
St Helens Countryside in and Around Town (CIAT) Planning
This project aims to develop a robust spatial planning tool using the ten functions of the Countryside in and Around Towns as defined by The Countryside Agency and Groundwork, and make links into the currently evolving Local Development Framework. This will demonstrate how the Countryside in and around Towns as a spatial area can become and improved functioning, valued resource for the Borough of St Helens and beyond. The objectives of the approach are:
  • Provide a strategic framework which assists in the delivery of St Helens as 'The Town in the Forest'
  • Provide a planning framework to enable the best linkages to be made between existing projects and strategies;
  • Link to the Local Development Framework and Community Plan through the involvement of the Local Strategic Partnership;
  • Improve prospects for drawing in regional and national partners;
  • Develop the use of landscape character and other spatial tools to assist in developing and planning;
  • Provide a series of recommendations and action points which can be followed in order to make significant gains in the Countryside in and around Towns, which benefit the entire Borough in a social, economic and environmental context
A number of themes that relate to each function were identified with consultees. It was determined that each theme could be expressed spatially using a range of indicators and linked opportunities and needs. Through process thematic action points and recommendations have been developed which can be taken forward and delivered through incorporation into policies, plans and programmes.

This is a Planning Demonstration Exemplar Project funded through the Countryside Agency and delivered through a partnership led by The Mersey Forest.
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Mouth of the Weaver Landscape Masterplan