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Green Streets
Green Streets is a programme of community    
Green Streets is a programme of community-led urban greening that operates in Manchester, Trafford and Salford. The programme has a proven track record of successful delivery and has transformed the physical environment of many inner city residential streets. The Green Streets vision centres on ‘residential and business communities working together to improve their quality of life through neighbourhood and city-centre greening’. The Green Streets core values, which give a strong flavour of the way in which the programme is managed and delivered, are:  

  • Community led approach to environmental improvement to facilitate life-long learning, community cohesion and skills development;
  • Prioritisation for communities in the greatest need;
  • Co-operation and complementarity with existing regeneration initiatives;
  • Commitment to innovation and high-quality design solutions;
  • Commitment to disseminating best practice through the creation of a replicable model to facilitate the mainstreaming of the Green Streets approach;
  • Sustainability to be at the core of design, implementation and long-term management;
  • Best value in procuring service delivery;
  • Financial accountability and strong emphasis on delivery to timescales;
  • Commitment to robust mechanisms for long term management;
  • Commitment to long-term monitoring and project evaluation;
  • Raising the profile of the Northwest through the creation of high-quality urban environments.

Green Streets has been particularly successful in Housing market Renewal areas, and there is growing interest in delivering similar programmes in many other areas of the UK.



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