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Action for Sustainability
Comprehensive sustainability information including climate change issues.

The Government advisor on architecture, urban design and public space, web resources include publications, campaigns, research and regionally specific areas.

East Midlands Green Infrastructure Network
Aims to help to promote the multiple public benefits of green infrastructure to planning authorities and the private sector (such as regeneration, construction and property development specialists) as well as providing a platform for the sharing of ideas and experiences of those delivering green infrastructure around the East Midlands at regional, sub regional and local levels. The network aims to encourage the integration of green infrastructure in all future physical infrastructure developments.

Provides GIS information, data location and data directory services and contact details for a comprehensive range of available datasets.

Landscape Character Network
An informal network for sharing experience about Landscape Character Assessments and its applications, includes workshop proceedings linking LCA to a range of spatial planning issues.

Interactive mapping of environmental schemes and designations, comprehensive bank of GIS datasets for download, and contact details of major data holders.

National Community Forest Programme
Outlines the remit of the community Forest Programmes, location of all twelve forests and links to their individual websites.

Natural Economy Northwest
Natural Economy Northwest maximises the economic benefit from existing and new investment in the region's natural environment. A partnership led by Natural England, the Northwest Regional Development Agency and the SITA Trust, it draws on the expertise of specialists working in tourism, business development and the environment sector. It nurtures natural environment projects that, with the right investment, will deliver economic, social and cultural benefits across the Northwest.

North West Regional Forestry Framework
Up to date information on where the development of the RFF is up to, details of action areas and downloads of associated documents.

Public Benefit Recording System
Details of the approach, its development and application to date to a variety of projects. This provides one example approach to green infrastructure planning.